Connecting your car

Learn more about connecting your car to a mobility app and creating a connected services account.

Benefits of connecting your car

Mobility apps allow you to share your car using contactless rentals, digitally report your mileage to your insurance company, automatically charge your EV at the best times, and much more.

Connecting your car to a mobility app allows that app to remotely monitor important vehicle information to create a better user experience. Connecting your car takes just four clicks. You’ll simply log in with your connected services account and review which permissions the app requests from your vehicle.


To be eligible to connect to a mobility app, your car needs to be compatible with Smartcar and have an active connected services account.

Click here to check whether your car is compatible with Smartcar.

Creating a connected services account

A connected services account allows you to access your car brand’s smartphone app (e.g. FordPass for Ford, myChevrolet for Chevrolet, and Uconnect for Jeep). In addition to letting you connect your car to mobility apps, a connected services account allows you to remotely monitor your car from your phone to see its location, lock its doors, and more.

Follow our instructions to set up your connected services account.

About Smartcar

Many mobility apps use Smartcar as a third-party software partner. Smartcar’s platform allows these apps to establish a connection with your connected services account.


Smartcar’s platform is SSL/TLS 1.2-encrypted and securely handles all user credentials. When you connect your car to a mobility app, the app receives a token that grants it the ability to access nothing but the exact permissions that you have reviewed and accepted.

Privacy policy

You can find Smartcar’s privacy policy here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at