Activate Hyundai Blue Link

$99 per year, with an initial 3-year free trial


Create your MyHyundai account

1. Navigate to and click on "Register."

image 21 (1).png

2. Fill out and submit the registration form.

image 22 (1).png

3. Choose your security question and answer.

image 23 (1).png

Add your vehicle to your MyHyundai account

1. Navigate to and sign in. Click on "Add a vehicle."

image 25 (1).png

2. Enter in your vehicle's VIN.

image 26 (1).png

3. Enter in the details required for vehicle registration. Make sure to select “Yes, please activate Blue Link” under “Would you like to enroll in Blue Link.

image 27 (1).png

4. Select the Blue Link packages you wish to purchase. We recommend purchasing the “Remote” package, as it lets you lock, unlock, and locate your vehicle from the MyHyundai Blue Link mobile app.

image 28 (1).png

5. Fill out and submit the payment information form.

image 29 (1).png

6. Review and then place your order.

image 32 (1).png

7. Set or update your Blue Link PIN. You have now successfully set up your MyHyundai BlueLink subscription.

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