Activate Land Rover InControl

Create an account

Head to and click "Create Account." Then enter your email.

create_account_lr (1).png

Check your email

Check your email for a message from Land Rover. Verify your email address by clicking the activation link.

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Register your account

1. Enter your contact details.


2. Enter your security details.

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Connect your vehicle

1. Enter your VIN.

connect_vehicle_1_lr (1).png

2. Add your vehicle to your account by clicking "Next."

screencapture-incontrol-landrover-jlr-portal-owner-web-account-setup-2-identify-2020-02-24-16_54_44 1 (1).png

3. Click "Get Started." You have 60 minutes to complete this step.

connect_vehicle_3_lr (1).png

4. Go to your vehicle and switch on the ignition. Press the Optimised Assistance button for 10 seconds.

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5. Once your vehicle is confirmed, the page will automatically refresh. This can take a few minutes.

Activate InControl

Fill in your vehicle nickname and registration number. You have now successfully set up your Land Rover InControl subscription.

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