Activate VW Car-Net or We Connect

$199 per year, with an initial 6-month free trial


Setting up Car-Net (for United States residents)

Subscribe to Volkswagen Car-Net Security & Service

Press the “i” button in your car to speak with a Volkswagen customer specialist. They will ask for your email and will set up your account.

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Check your email

Volkswagen will send you an email with your account number and a second email with your PIN. You will need both of these to register your vehicle online.

Register your vehicle

Log into your Volkswagen Car-Net account and enter your account number and PIN. You have now successfully set up your Car-Net subscription.

Setting up We Connect (for European residents)

Set up the We Connect app

1. Download the Volkswagen We Connect app or visit


2. Create an account with your email and password, and then verify your email.

3. In the We Connect app, tap the plus icon to add a new vehicle.

4. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.

5. Once done, you'll be given an 8-digit code. Keep a record of this code as you will need it later in the process.

Connect your vehicle to the internet

1. From within your Volkswagen vehicle, activate the hotspot feature on your mobile device. Hotspot instructions can be found here for iPhone users, and here for Android users.

2. Turn on the vehicle's ignition, and then turn on the infotainment system.

3. Select the 'MENU' tab or button, and scroll until you find 'Settings.'

4. Scroll within the Settings list until you find 'WLAN.'

5. On the WLAN Settings screen, select 'WLAN' again.

6. Ensure that the checkbox next to WLAN is marked as checked. Then tap the 'Find' option in the top right of the screen, and wait for your mobile device's name to appear in the list below.

7. Tap on your device in the list, and enter in your Network Key. Now the car is connected to the internet.

8. Tap on the 'MENU' button again to go back to the main menu list. Tap on 'CAR-NET' and select 'Start' on the pop-up screen.

9. Next you will be given two options, to 'Activate' or 'Enter code.' Select 'Enter code,' and enter the code you saved from the previous section when setting up the We Connect app on your mobile device. Or if you choose 'Activate,' enter in the email and password you used in setting up the We Connect app on your device. Your vehicle should now be connected.

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